bryce haynes


my name is bryce.

I'm a web developer focused on
building clean and responsive websites,
applications, and other fun stuff.


All of my projects are live and hosted,
ready for your viewing experience.

JavaScript Stopwatch
JavaScript Stopwatch

My first ever JavaScript project! I'm very happy with the way it came out. I got to use arrow functions, setInterval, and got my first taste of DOM manipulation. Super fun and I can't wait to build something better!

I created this store for a client of mine, and I honestly love how it turned out! I created it with Shopify & Figma. I wish I could have coded this, but using a CMS was definitely the right call in this case.

This site was created for my family over at Wesley's Way. I used HTML and CSS to make the homepage. I also used Elementor to build a specials page located at

I created this website for my buddy Sorena. I used Wordpress and a nice program called Kubio to make the site. Check out his story on (old site).

This was my first ever website. It taught me the fundementals of HTML & CSS and took me around a week to create. This site will display on for the future.

This very website! Created with HTML & CSS, and lots of love!


I love to create. Building something
that can inspire others is what I
strive for.

Being a Web Developer I am able to express myself
creatively, while also helping clients design and
construct their dream website.

I love constantly learning and improving. Web
Development allows me to constantly improve
myself and hone my skills. This career offers me a
sense of accomplishment unmatched by any other.

my current tech stack: